Frequently asked questions

1. What is Property Syndication investment?

  • The property syndication referred to herein comprises the grouping of investors who pool their individual funds to invest in a public company the principle asset of which will be the entire shareholding in a private limited property owning company.

2. Who owns the investment?

  • The building you have invested in is owned by a company that you are an investor. As you are the investor you own shares in the company and their by you are part owner of the investment. The part owners of the investment are those people who have also purchased shares in the building.

3. Are the shares in this investment listed on the stock exchange?

  • No. The shares held by the investor are in a limited company and are privately owned shares by the investor.

4. How is income generated in this investment?

  • The investment which owns an immovable property offers commercial or retail space for rent.


5. How is the interest payment on the share calculated?

  • Investors receive monthly in arrear interest income on their linked loan account which is paid indirectly from the rental income generated. The interest is calculated net of costs each month.


6. Who is this investment intended for?

  • Investors who are looking for a medium to long term investment
  • Investors who require property investment as part of their portfolio
  • Investors who want income and capital growth from their investment


7. What is Personal Financial Consultants role in this investment?

  • Personal Financial consultants is a financial marketing company that promotes property investments.
  • Personal Financial consultants administrates your investment in this limited company.
  • Personal Financial Consultants DOES NOT own shares in this investment.


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